35 days

till i become a married woman.
i have been working on the wedding playlist, which makes me alternately incredibly happy and kind of wistful/nostalgic.
i look at myself and sometimes don't know how i made it this far. . . i am very, very happy with my place in this world and can't believe how much i have been transformed in the past 9 years.
i still remember everything. . . and i know i have to. we all have our burden to bear, right?? but its not as painful. there are so many good things. my relationship with my sister is so positive right now, and i love her baby more than anything. he will have such a happy, supported life- it brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it.
i have a job i love- a job that is sometimes too consuming, but something i truly enjoy.
i have alaira and gabe- they make me insane, but they are my best friends and my life.
and then there is vic, that dude i'm going to marry. i am SO lucky. i believe in so MUCH now. . . he has made me a believer. in what? everything.
i am so, so excited to get married!! and to have the biggest party of my life with my friends, my true family.

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