omfg i am legend

wow. . .just watched i am legend- i really liked the first half of the movie, and i have seriously not cried so hard in a movie in AGES!!! and if you've seen it, and you know me at all, you know which part i was crying at. like seriously, a nervous breakdown happened.
another campier movie version of the book it's based on is the last man on earth starring vincent price- its on AMC every so often. xo

SO glad its friday

this week was just one of those weeks.
i barely slept at all, just felt out of sorts. . . i'm glad its over AND that there is a three day weekend.
i was surprised by a lovely bday card from elena, who i have not seen or talked to on the phone in at least 6 years. we have pretty much just maintained contact through the occasional email or card- but its amazing to know some things/people just might last forever.
tonight there is a dolly parton inspired exhibit- thinking about going. . .drinking a tecate and really enjoying it. . .
last night anna and andrea, our clinician from PP, came over, and we had pizza and beer. its been weeks since i've seen andrea, and its always fun to have a lively convo with her and anna about HPV and gardasil and colposcopies and all that. i wonder if i would ever end up in the medical field . . .working at PP made me very interested in it, for a time, and seeing anna's success in nursing school is also inspiring. wouldnt that be fucking weird, if one day i became a nurse?! just like mom. . . yikes
its doubtful because i dont think i would have the energy to pursue it, but its neat to think about. id rather just buckle down and make myself into a writer, relying on alcohol and isolation to hone my skills haha.
i got a bunch of stickers off interpunk and decorated lafaundah the honda. . .she looks awesome. she also has a big pink duct tape bandage where her bumper is falling off.
this weekend, i have been in albuquerque exactly one year. WOW!



10 years ago…
August 1998. Soon I would become best friends with elena and din, two of the coolest people i have ever known. . .

5 years ago...
August 2003. I was living in a shithole on the south side slopes, was behind about 3 months on rent, had 3+ dogs depending on what i was rescuing that week, was in a horrible abusive relationship, and pretty much hated my existence! wow.

5 months ago...
March 2008. Pure misery at planned parenthood. stress galore. however, the introduction of a little scooter into my life came about around this time. big positive.

5 things on my to-do list tomorrow...
1. catch up on my case notes/clients
2. make a basil pesto pasta
3. make a peanut butter pie
4. watch project runway with anna and rachel! (who will be eating the aforementioned dishes)
5. make an appointment for gabo and laira to get their nalls trimmed

5 things people don't know about me...
1. i sometimes cry in the morning because i'm so tired
2. i have incredibly vivid/symbolic dreams, and think about them periodically throughout my days
3. i chew on my thumbs all the time
4. i could eat chili con queso for every meal
5. i get incredibly nervous going into parties/social situations where i dont know anyone, and usually panic and try to figure out an excuse to leave. i generally drink before going into situations like this, thus, it's something you may not know about me. the world is a happy friendly place when i'm a little fucked up.

5 bad habits...
1. my extreme daytime laziness, which leads to my boyfriend having to do pretty much everything around the house
2. my night owl tendencies, which cause me to berate vic for not wanting to start cleaning the house at 11:30 at night
3. Hypochondria. yes. in the past year i have diagnosed myself with a variety of ailments. . . but i'm still kickin, somehow. . .
4. obsessing. over people i miss, people i havent seen in years, experiences that happened years ago, work, conversations that happened in this reality, conversations that happened in my head, etc. its exhausting.
5. eating everything in freakin sight

5 places I have lived...
1. decatur ga
2. pittsburgh pa
3. placitas nm (for 3 months)
4. albuquerque nm
5. hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry (i did my graduate program there)

Tag 5 people...
i will follow ali's lead and tag you all to hell


life is a series of unfortunate events

who has read the lemony snicket books??
who would like to discuss them with me??
last week i finished the last book, and now have a void in my heart where the baudelaires used to dwell!

we spent a thoroughly enjoyable day strollin through nob hill. i got some amazing horse greeting cards, a land of the dead dvd, a garbage cd (i have had such a hankering for shirley manson lately), and my sister's bday gift- a memory block
the memory blocks are fucking amazing. . . i plan to spend a ridiculous amount of money on them, that could go towards student loans, medical care, food, etc.

hope you all had a lovely weekend!


saturday night LOTR fest

im just chillin at home tonite, watching LOTR and ordering stickers for la faundah, my new honda. . . just thinking about feeling lonely, and missing pgh.

something that contributes to my occasional bouts of homesickness is my eternal (and eternally annoying) longing for an unpredictable life.

i miss going to a show, getting drunk, going to a random party and getting more drunk, talking all night with strangers and never knowing where i was going to end up. i really, really miss that. i don't miss getting my feelings being hurt by my latest crush, or waking up covered in bruises and not quite remembering where i got them. i just feel. . . a little caged and bored. caged out of my own volition.
i've just gotta find a balance to having the life i want to have and the life i "should be" having.
but you know, it would be really fucking nice to just be satisfied, for once. it would make things a lot easier.

vic and i had a lovely evening though. . . we got sapporo and sushi at sumo sushi and cake at flying star for dinner. vic also got contacts, and i'm so proud of him for putting them in and taking them out in under 10 minutes!! its fucking hard at first!
the past weeks have been full of driving clients around all over town- to an immunization clinic, annapurna chai house, old navy, the flea market, the ER, the medicaid office. . . everywhere. it's fucking fun though, i love this job and i only get really frazzled when i hurt my back moving shit, like MATTRESSES, my greatest enemy. mattresses need to learn to move themselves. srsly.

tomorrow we are going to the nob hill shop and stroll thing. . . that's about it. hi to my friends that i have neglected so, love you all xoxo

p.s. viggo forever!



its been a while. . . things have been lovely in albuquerque. i am now the proud owner of a 96 silver honda named lafaundah. my first car, ever! my birthday was great. i did cry a bunch that day, from being homesick/overwhelmed by vic's generosity. vic got me a coldstone cake that was pink and red layers (he knows me so well) and an aero garden! and a beautiful martha stewart blue blender! he's a major sweetheart. he also got me a princess crown and hung a birthday banner. i am a lucky one. anna got me a hilarious doll that comes with some kind of water heater/propane tank, and some kickin cowboy boots. she also got me a book of tapas recipes (yay!!) and sparklers and a tiny little sheila handmade doll. that night we all went to dinner at the sushi place down the street. i tried tempura green tea ice cream for the first time. . .it's rad. thanks for all the birthday cards/calls!!
greg and marybeth, his girlfriend, came to visit this past weekend. it was cool, a little awkward, but fun. i had a wonderful birthday saturday with my sister. first we went to the st. james tearoom and had afternoon tea. the tearoom has a trunk full of hats- mine was pink with a big tulle flower, her's was wide brimmed and yellow. it was SO fun. the savories were delicious, the scones and lemon curd to die for, a heart shaped meringue cookie with pomegranate filling. . . . ahhh. the tea was also excellent. reena gave me a beautiful strawberry apron for my bday.
then we went horseback riding at the tamaya resort on the santa ana pueblo. it was AMAZING. 2 hours of riding a spotted white horse named casper all over the mountain side, in arroyos, along the river . . . i felt like i was on another planet. i think i need to become a ranchhand. or a cowgirl. there was also a brown pit bull named stetson who accompanied us on the ride, and at one point jumped onto the guide's horse for a ride. precious.
afterwards reen mike and i went to the casino, i gambled away my savings, and thoroughly enjoyed some nachos.
sunday marybeth and i went to buffalo exchange and i got some fuckin sweet clothes. this week i've been busy with work, but i'm cleaning frantically tonight for susan's visit!!


kinda bummed, kinda birthday

the big 26 tomorrow.

honestly, i'm just so exhausted from work that i cant muster up much genuine excitement. . yesterday i moved a client into her new place. it took 10 hours, 5 of which involved lifting incredibly heavy furniture. i am so sore and stiff today that i can barely walk. no joke.
my weekend was more uneasy than enjoyable- i'm needing to find that balance between doing my job and OVERdoing my job.
also, vic's brother is coming to visit this weekend. while i'm excited to see him, the timing really couldnt be worse. i've been working really hard on the house and trying to get things done before susan comes next week, plus all my usual birthday activities- two weekends in a row of visitors! i know how horrible, fun and exciting visits from people you care about!
i think i'm just so frazzled right now that it all seems a little too much for me, even though it will be fine.
i think i'm also just really feelin the homesickness right now. . i miss pittsburgh and my totally wonderful birthdays there, with some totally wonderful people.
ive been throwing all my excess energy into decorating- the color theme of the living room is pink, blue, and red, and its adorable. the bedroom is coming along nicely, it feels like a home, all is well on the homefront other than my lifelong tendency to get inspired around 11:30 at night. which makes for drowsy days.
happy birfday to me!