monsoon season

its been raining SO MUCH lately!! and poor gabe is about to have a seizure every day, with all the thunder and lightning striking fear into his little beagle heart.
ive watched a lot of movies lately-

cashback- a really beautiful, romantic movie. highly recommend it!!
hellboy 2- decent.
the happening- horrid. if he meant it to be like the twilight zone, then hooray! but somehow i doubt thats what he was going for.
wanted- LOVED it!! the keyboard scene is my favorite part. angelina jolie's appearance just startled me. she is disappearing before our eyes. :(

work has been GREAT. fucking awesome. i love this job.
susan is coming to visit me, and i'm planning all of our activities!
i'm planning to have a big housewarming/welcome susan party, and i'm excited to get the place all fixed up.
i have had a raging desire for green chile enchiladas, ice cream, and los cuates salsa, everyday.
summer here is a lot of fun, but the rain everyday kinda sucks.
this past weekend vic, anna, and i went to the tinkertown museum. it was SO fun. this artist spent 40 years putting the museum together as a hobby, and its full of antiques and oddities and charm. there is such a spirit of individuality, creativity, and heart there. i felt at home. i'll post pics soon.
life seems to be falling into place. . . thats a dangerous statement. . . i hear clients say that right before their lives fall apart. . . but everything feels good right now.


Ali (a.k.a. Cynical Nymph) said...

I think I may be the only person on earth (other than M. Night) who found some enjoyment in The Happening. I must have early-onset senility or something.

Haven't seen wanted, but every time I see a poster, I find myself bursting out with rueful laughter because: If ANYONE believes that an arm as skinny as hers is on the posters can hold a BIG, HEAVY GUN, they are sadly, sadly mistaken. She's someone my father-in-law would look at and go, "Well, she looks just gorgeous." No joke.

Andrea said...

that's awesome you're loving your job!

i like monsoon season, but the thunder makes bombay miserable, too! poor guy!