yay its weekend time!

so week three has ended.
i REALLY like this job. it's a strange new feeling i have never felt before.
tuesday at the dpa even,t i decided to be stupid and have like 6 different types of incredibly strong mixed drinks. i started stumbling and slurring and this was all in front of my sisters co workers! yikes. i then annoyed vic on the ride home by shouting YOUUUUUU!! soulja boy style, and collapsed in bed crying about how sick i was going to be. i think i passed out in about 2 seconds.
last night i had a crazy sci fi futuristic dream with harry potter, ginny weasley, ali, and myself as the main characters. its one of those dreams that makes me wake up with a smile on my face, wishing it could continue on! and also, thinking that i love my weird ass brain sometimes.
you should love your weird ass brain too.

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