10 years ago…
August 1998. Soon I would become best friends with elena and din, two of the coolest people i have ever known. . .

5 years ago...
August 2003. I was living in a shithole on the south side slopes, was behind about 3 months on rent, had 3+ dogs depending on what i was rescuing that week, was in a horrible abusive relationship, and pretty much hated my existence! wow.

5 months ago...
March 2008. Pure misery at planned parenthood. stress galore. however, the introduction of a little scooter into my life came about around this time. big positive.

5 things on my to-do list tomorrow...
1. catch up on my case notes/clients
2. make a basil pesto pasta
3. make a peanut butter pie
4. watch project runway with anna and rachel! (who will be eating the aforementioned dishes)
5. make an appointment for gabo and laira to get their nalls trimmed

5 things people don't know about me...
1. i sometimes cry in the morning because i'm so tired
2. i have incredibly vivid/symbolic dreams, and think about them periodically throughout my days
3. i chew on my thumbs all the time
4. i could eat chili con queso for every meal
5. i get incredibly nervous going into parties/social situations where i dont know anyone, and usually panic and try to figure out an excuse to leave. i generally drink before going into situations like this, thus, it's something you may not know about me. the world is a happy friendly place when i'm a little fucked up.

5 bad habits...
1. my extreme daytime laziness, which leads to my boyfriend having to do pretty much everything around the house
2. my night owl tendencies, which cause me to berate vic for not wanting to start cleaning the house at 11:30 at night
3. Hypochondria. yes. in the past year i have diagnosed myself with a variety of ailments. . . but i'm still kickin, somehow. . .
4. obsessing. over people i miss, people i havent seen in years, experiences that happened years ago, work, conversations that happened in this reality, conversations that happened in my head, etc. its exhausting.
5. eating everything in freakin sight

5 places I have lived...
1. decatur ga
2. pittsburgh pa
3. placitas nm (for 3 months)
4. albuquerque nm
5. hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry (i did my graduate program there)

Tag 5 people...
i will follow ali's lead and tag you all to hell

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