saturday night LOTR fest

im just chillin at home tonite, watching LOTR and ordering stickers for la faundah, my new honda. . . just thinking about feeling lonely, and missing pgh.

something that contributes to my occasional bouts of homesickness is my eternal (and eternally annoying) longing for an unpredictable life.

i miss going to a show, getting drunk, going to a random party and getting more drunk, talking all night with strangers and never knowing where i was going to end up. i really, really miss that. i don't miss getting my feelings being hurt by my latest crush, or waking up covered in bruises and not quite remembering where i got them. i just feel. . . a little caged and bored. caged out of my own volition.
i've just gotta find a balance to having the life i want to have and the life i "should be" having.
but you know, it would be really fucking nice to just be satisfied, for once. it would make things a lot easier.

vic and i had a lovely evening though. . . we got sapporo and sushi at sumo sushi and cake at flying star for dinner. vic also got contacts, and i'm so proud of him for putting them in and taking them out in under 10 minutes!! its fucking hard at first!
the past weeks have been full of driving clients around all over town- to an immunization clinic, annapurna chai house, old navy, the flea market, the ER, the medicaid office. . . everywhere. it's fucking fun though, i love this job and i only get really frazzled when i hurt my back moving shit, like MATTRESSES, my greatest enemy. mattresses need to learn to move themselves. srsly.

tomorrow we are going to the nob hill shop and stroll thing. . . that's about it. hi to my friends that i have neglected so, love you all xoxo

p.s. viggo forever!


Ali (a.k.a. Cynical Nymph) said...

Mmmm Viggo mmmm.

If airfare weren't so damn expensive, I'd come be unpredictable with you any day. Can't say I'd be good at it, but I'd do it to humor you


Courtney said...

BITCHES! Back OFF my Viggo! Hahaha...I have a lot of beef with airlines today. I mean they haven't gotten any faster and the prices are still so high. What gives?
But technically, though moving FURTHER from Ali, I'll be closer to you Sheil.