kinda bummed, kinda birthday

the big 26 tomorrow.

honestly, i'm just so exhausted from work that i cant muster up much genuine excitement. . yesterday i moved a client into her new place. it took 10 hours, 5 of which involved lifting incredibly heavy furniture. i am so sore and stiff today that i can barely walk. no joke.
my weekend was more uneasy than enjoyable- i'm needing to find that balance between doing my job and OVERdoing my job.
also, vic's brother is coming to visit this weekend. while i'm excited to see him, the timing really couldnt be worse. i've been working really hard on the house and trying to get things done before susan comes next week, plus all my usual birthday activities- two weekends in a row of visitors! i know how horrible, fun and exciting visits from people you care about!
i think i'm just so frazzled right now that it all seems a little too much for me, even though it will be fine.
i think i'm also just really feelin the homesickness right now. . i miss pittsburgh and my totally wonderful birthdays there, with some totally wonderful people.
ive been throwing all my excess energy into decorating- the color theme of the living room is pink, blue, and red, and its adorable. the bedroom is coming along nicely, it feels like a home, all is well on the homefront other than my lifelong tendency to get inspired around 11:30 at night. which makes for drowsy days.
happy birfday to me!


Becky said...

Happy Birthday, lady. I hope you have a wonderful, week. In case you need it, I'm hereby giving you permission to take a whole week to celebrate your fabulousness. I wish I could be there with you!

Andrea said...

happy early birthday!

also, thanks for the invite, i will definitely try to make it!

Courtney said...

OK when Vic and his bro are having man time is when we should take a little time for a chat this weekend. Pleeease! We're overdue and I want to wish you a happy birthday when I can hear you!

I love you lots my princess!