politics make me queasy.

or rather, republicans, namely george and john, do.
the movie united flight 93 was on TV- arrg. hard to watch. i started reading up on 9/11 stuff for the first time in years. . . watched the infamous footage of bush sitting in the classroom on 9/11 like a fuckin dumbass . . . then proceeded to watch all the various videos on youtube of bush's fuck ups and absolute stupidity over the past 8 years.
a vote for mccain is pretty much saying you want four more years of bush. . . if any of you are planning to vote for mccain, do NOT tell me this. seriously. it might kill me.
no one's saying obama's perfect. he's still a politician. but he's the best option we have, and i have some faith in him. plus, i really like albuquerque and dont want to have to relocate to canada anytime soon.
i'm already nervous and its two months away.


Ali (a.k.a. Cynical Nymph) said...

a) What kind of rifle did you shoot? I have a 22 at my parents' house and I lurve shooting it. (At target posters, of course!)

b) K and I had dinner at Union Square tonight one block up from the dorm I spent 3 years at. I guess this week they're lighting those columns (pillars?) of light where the towers used to be, because we walked out of the restaurant and east, to catch a cab on Park Ave, and there they were, shining right where the buildings used to be for the first month I lived in that dorm. Til they weren't. Then I came home and saw some piece about Sarah Palin. Then I seriously considered getting into more credit card debt to fund Obama. Then I decided I'll wait til I have cash in my checking account, because, hey, financial responsibility, but DUDE. OBAMA '08.
c) I cannot watch United 93. It gives me a panic attack. At least it did the first time. Haven't really wanted to try again. Histrionic? Yes. Authentic reaction that I didn't work up for drama's sake? Totally. Ugh.

Also, thanks for the IM :)

Ali (a.k.a. Cynical Nymph) said...

d) I want a picture of your new piercing!