that doesnt mean i'm an authority on india in anyway
or that indians are middle eastern!!!

saturday at the grand opening of the crossroad store-
rich santa fe-ish woman on the board of directors :"there is a DELIGHTFUL thrift store in gallup that sells the most LOVELY punjabis!!!" (stares at me intently, very proud of her attempt to connect with me)
me: ????? i thought that was a language? "-----"
rich biotch: "those punjabis are just beautiful!!"
me: HUH? "that's nice, bye"

we get a large quantity of donations at crossroads that consist of clothes entirely from 1985, and usually teresa, one of the staff here, will put the most interesting items in various people's offices and around. some of the items we've gotten have consisted of a bright teal prom dress- in my office- a yak hat- raylene's office- and a yak coat!- lisa's office. she hung up a long grey robe downstairs, that apparently middle eastern men wear.
the receptionist downstairs: "i had no idea that was offensive for that to be up! i am so sorry, i hope we didn't offend you!"
me: HUH? "you didn't. . ."


the receptionist: "see we took it down! what are those called again?"
me: " i have no idea . . ."
receptionist: "YOU DONT? oh." (confused face)



Andrea said...

ugh, how annoying.

and that first example was hilARious!

Becky said...

This sounds like something out of The Office.

I'm assuming (why not, they did) that these are white folks. On behalf of whitey everywhere, I apologize for the fact that we're usually assholes.

Cynical Nymph said...

Oh for God's sake. That has got to be so annoying. Like Becky, on behalf of the honkies, I apologize.