now grief has a name. . .

my fellow high school rebel partner in crime much loved beautiful beachy alien from another planet

someone i loved dearly. she died in a car accident last night. i made the mistake of googling her name and found pictures of the horrific accident that claimed her.

i feel lost, shocked, and devastated. we had kept in touch very sporadically over the years, probably communicated last about a year or 6 months ago.

dug through my pics, found her incredibly hot senior pic-
on the back she wrote:

to my punk princess
i love you so much and you better remember me in 20 years so don't ever throw this picture away!
i love you

my heart is broken. . . i can't even imagine what it's like for her boyfriend, or her best friends, or her mother and sister.
the world is even more fucked up today.
i'm fucking reeling.

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