3 days till freedom is over!

i start my job on monday, but i have to admit, i am READY to go back to work. there were some great things about being unemployed. . . plenty of time for cooking and sleeping, rewatching seasons of buffy, buying things on craigslist, and having time to find a new place. the negatives far outweigh the positives though- i feel sluggish and unmotivated without a schedule, and i'm sick of doing housework and unpacking. i'm like a little ADD child who absolutely has to have some kind of schedule and routine, or i just go insane. i do feel really lucky i had this whole week off to unpack and get the house semi organized. i've just been running errands this past week. this weekend we have to clean out the old place, and i'm hoping to see my sister tomorrow.
note: i HATE the yasmin commercials. WE'RE NOT GONNA TAKE IT! hey, shut the fuck up! yasmin is just an incredibly overpriced pill that is extremely similar to other pills- there are SO many types of pills that i think it's possible to find one that works for you, without having to shell out something like $65 a pack. you may as well use the nuva ring, which clocks in around $55. thanks bush adminstration!! but basically, don't believe the hype.
2nd note: apparently from my neighborhood, i can hear lions roaring at the zoo, and seals making. . .their noises, whatever those are called.
3rd note: the kids that live in the house behind us have a fucking POOL, and i'm sick of hearing their sounds of ecstasy as they splash and play all day. i was highly annoyed to chase gabe to the fence and see three little naked boys with their faces pressed against the fence, staring at me. gross. they also decided to throw a CD and a toy over the fence. little fuckers.

listening to: "sheila take a bow", the smiths; "sara", fleetwood mac


Elbows said...

I don't know what you're smoking, me and all my smart doctor girl pals love Yaz!

Becky said...

Seals bark, Sheil. May I suggest you and Vic get both some realistic red dye and turn their pool of ecstasy in to a pool of massacre? After they run off the premises screaming, you've got a good 30 minutes to swim before the cops get there. Assuming you still live in a minority dominated part of town.

sheil said...

HAHAH no seriously, we are hoping that alaira might disfigure their faces. that'll teach them to come near the fence!!

Ali (a.k.a. Cynical Nymph) said...

I hope you had a great first day on the job!!!

Courtney said...

Ew...children. Gross. I'm sorry. You two should totally get some action going where you are THAT house that none of the kids are brave enough to venture toward for Halloween. Just imagine, you house could be A DARE! Scary ol' lady Sheil and Monster Vic with their hell hounds. Or, do what I do: Have a lot of really loud sex to piss off your cranky neighbors (this may work better in an apartment).
How was your first day at work and how is the house looking...besides in need of child extermination???

Andrea said...

hope the new job is going well!

i'll be at atomic on friday night w/the boy for the bullys and babes (is that what it's called?!) benefit... maybe we can meet up since it's in your 'hood? let me know if you'll be down there so we can chat!