only in my dreams. . .

a bear.
a riddle.
"mirrored in the sky, the son of zeus."

callisto and arcas.


so the past week, i had my training, and honestly, i am exhausted. everyone has been great to me, but its incredibly overwhelming. there is just so much to learn. i can't believe its only been 5 days. i have one more week with the girl i am replacing, and then i am on my own. whoa. scared.
last night we cleaned out the old house for like 4 hours, came home and CRASHED. had my weird dreams.
today anna and i are going to the cradle project and i'm really excited to see it again. check out the link. there are some beautiful pieces. that's about it for the weekend, other than even MORE unpacking and stuffz. hopefully tomorrow i will be hitting up barnes and noble, then the coronado mall for an auntie anne's pretzel and boba tea (my favorite meal). xoxo

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