viva las vegas!!

sheila's intelligent side: that is a really unoriginal blog post title, sheil.
excited vegas going sheil's response:*meow meow meow meow*

today started out very stressful, because of waiting for our soon-to-be landlord to contact us to finalize the deal. but he did call, we did sign, and we now live in downtown abq!! well in name at least. the moving process will take a couple of weeks.
i had a heartbreaking separation from my dogs at the kennel. alaira sat down and vic had to literally push her to the kennel lady. it was soooo sad. i cry every time i drive away from the kennel, thinking about my babies tormenting the other doggies (and being tormented). i also imagine that by day 2, they have forgotten my identity and what happiness ever felt like. day 3 might be a hell dimension. day 4 is like a desert with no end in sight. and pick up time is. . . back to normal!!
anyway, we are off to vegas tomorrow morn and i am excited, like out of my mind. i am also packing a ridiculous amount of clothes for 3 days. i figure this is my chance to show off anything in my wardrobe that i am proud of, that i generally don't get a chance to wear in super casual albuquerque. i can't waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaait!! this is cheeseball, but i might have to record all my outfits and share them with you, readers. i know my airplane outfit consists of skinny jeans, sandals, my pittsburgh slacker store black tank, "lucky" bracelet from forever 21, and leopard print earrings. is anyone else interested in talking outfits?? cause seriously, it's so fun.
i'm sure i will have tons of debauchery to report back to you on friday. see you then, and i'll try not to die of alcohol poisoning or something along those lines. xoxo

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Courtney said...

This is a late comment but I ALWAYS want to talk about outfits!