all roaches must die

i am freakin exhausted after spending the day in santa fe with my family. the girls went engagement ring shopping at the plaza while the boys did boy things. trying on an $80k ring for kicks is pretty fucking fun. we had a lovely day with my sister and brother in law, which ended with my fave summer treat- strawberry shortcake.
yesterday i went to a cool crafts fair, trekked around town with anna, and got some boba tea. watched sweeney todd, applied for a bunch of jobs, drank some gin and tonics.
and yes, all roaches must die, because they make me want to die, and destroy what destroys you, right?
this post is dedicated to the old cashier at smith's, who always insists on smiling, being incredibly friendly, and kind, no matter how grumpy or wayward we are.

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Andrea said...

Which cashier? i love me some smith's...
it couldn't have been bead-y annie~ she's a lazy biotch!

i hate cockroaches!