vegas can wait

i saw x tonight in santa fe. it was one of the best shows i have ever been to- i haven't felt like that at a show in a LONG time. i bounced around and danced and sang like i used to, i shoved and pushed and fought my way to the front, got kissed by billy zoom, and shared some smiles with exene. it was an amazing night, and my knees are all bruised to show for it.


Andrea said...

yay! glad you had a blast!

what was the venue like? we're seeing
drive by truckers there on the 17th and i've never been... their website
makes it look nice.

sheil said...

it was really cool!!! kind of in the middle of nowhere, but a really nice atmosphere. it was all outdoors- the band was on a covered stage- and then there is a restaurant/bar area inside. it felt like a giant bbq, basically. so much fun! reverend horton heat is playing there in a couple weeks too.