weekend assignment

i better not be on this thang this weekend, because i have to move!!

tonight the indigo girls are playing at the albuquerque zoo- unfortunately, it's sold out and also gay pride weekend here! so i don't think i'll be able to get tickets for me and reen.
i loved their first couple of albums, my sister turned me onto them in like 7th grade and i still truly appreciate their beautiful harmonies, amazing lyrics, and activism. i haven't listened to anything they've done in the last 8-10 years, but i'm sure it's still solid as hell. they are also from my hometown of decatur! i listened to them all day yesterday and had a fun singalong.

this youtube video is REALLY old, of them performing "kid fears", which is a song that means a LOT to me personally. a much younger michael stipe comes in at the end and i love his little lamb bleating voice. makes me homesick for georgia to watch this!

please watch as your weekend assignment.

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