vegas revisted pt 1

day one. our flight is at 6 am. the night before i had gleefully packed almost everything i own into my alice pack, with different outfits picked out for different occasions/hours. we staggered out of bed and drove to the airport, which is luckily only like 5 minutes away. we had a stop in phoenix and i ate some m&ms for breakfast.
Photobucket this is me with no makeup on, and a puffy face.
i'll admit to being cranky at this point. i hate getting up early and i hate flying. flying is improved a million percent by having vic with me + not having to sit next to any babies, but still, it sucks.

going to vegas is like visiting some magical land with fake "culture"(it's egypt, greece, italy, and every other country in the world, all at once!!), amazing food, hot women, and consumerism all shoved down your throat at once. its not unpleasant, but its a lot to take in and swallow. its pretty awesome, if you can look at it objectively, and just let go.
we got to our dive-y ass hotel and attempted to check in. shelley, our helpful circus circus representative was one of the most clueless people i have ever seen, and couldn't locate any record of our reservation. we got some breakfast, where i snapped at poor vic and the poor orbitz woman. we get back in the check in line, which takes us about 45 min to get to the front. we stand there keeping our fingers desperately crossed that we won't get shelley again. this time we get carina, but with the same result. i snap that i am not getting back in line, and we manage to get things resolved. our room was pretty nice. my only real requirement for a vacation room is that it has a giant fluffy king bed that i can thrash around on. check!
we showered and slept for a while, then got incredibly excited and walked the strip. i think this was a mistake- the next time, i would hang at the pool and lounge till like 5 or 6, then get going, to avoid the extreme heat. everything there is open so late! also, vegas is not just casinos and strip shows- there are lions. lots of them. and i love them all. that day we saw sigfried and roys lion exhibit at the mirage, with dolphins as well. these are probably the most beautiful lions i have ever seen. the male had a HUGE mane and was more white than golden, with big green eyes. i do hate sigfried and roy, and whichever one got eaten got what he deserved, pretty much. then we had dinner at mon ami gabi at paris, PhotobucketPhotobucketwhere we had the best mussels of all time, and my new favorite appetizer, baked cheese and tomato, which is a hunk of goat cheese surrounded by tomato and basil mixture. SO GOOD!!
that night we saw the ooh la la burlesque show at paris, which was fantastic!! the girls started their routine with "bad boyfriend" by garbage, which made me incredibly happy. they each had their own talent going on- one girl did a hoop thing, one was a gymnast, one a ballet dancer in black leather toe shoes, one sang a lounge version of viva las vegas, one did a magic act. they were all super cute and fun. they also came out at one point dancing with pink rifles, which warmed my heart. there was something for everyone- a really great bondage act, a fashion show. . . there was a total douche sitting next to me who was so drunk he actually FELL on me coming back to his seat. vic shouted at him, he apologized, i retreated as far into vic's side as possible in my repulsion. the guy also seemed to think that the girls liked him personally. . .yeah, i'm sure they do, buddy.
i would highly recommend going to this show-it was cheap too!
we went back to our hotel and headed to the slots o fun casino next door. this place was totally shitty and totally fun. PhotobucketPhotobucket
i went straight for the slots, and vic headed to the $2 craps table. another thing about vegas- this free drinks at casino thing is definitely blown out of proportion. it takes forever for someone to come over to you, and then its going to take forever to get your next drink- drinks were sooo expensive too! so i think that its good to hit up places with drink specials and not count on the free drinks too much, unless you are playing the tables at a super nice casino (which someone like me is not).
so ends day 1.

note: these pics are all distorted from photobucket, sorry!

listening to oblivians- big black hole, jenny lewis and the watson twins

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Elbows said...

I'd say that I probably miss Slots of Fun and Paris most of all. Those mussles were fucking delicious, and can you really argue with 2$ craps?