holla heres a terrorist fist jab

if you don't know what this post title refers to, please google "terrorist fist jab" immediately for laughs.

I GOT ANOTHER JOB OFFER!!!! whooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!! and its two blocks from my house. sorry mortuary!!

worked the exchange tonight, really enjoyed it. we had clothes outside the van for people to take. one woman declared that she was going to find something for her slutty daughter, and wondered what fucking clothes her slutty daughter would wear. she turned down several things, citing the fact that her daughter was a slut and would not wear these things. it was pretty hilarious.

also, can i say that i HATE when people (particularly men) touch my tattoos who i've met once, or never. . . back the fuck off unless you are a pretty girl, one of my friends, or have a present for me. stop trying to analyze what they all mean, stop drilling me about them, and stop being so nosy. i'll tell you in time, if you give me a chance to not think of you as a stranger. but what's with the touching?! i didn't get tattoos to provoke a reaction- they are solely for me and my artistic sensibilities, and not a reason for strangers to touch me without permission!! grrr.
*i do appreciate nice comments though!! hehe*


Becky said...

So what job is it? When skanky folks try to touch my tattoos I tell them I have necrotizing fascitis. When they look at me cross eyed, I say, "duh, flesh eating bacteria?!" and they usually scamper away. Fuckers.

sheil said...

hahah. i should just pretend like i'm a zombie and try to eat their flesh.
last night this older dude who volunteers (who is very very nice otherwise) just kept asking me question after question and staring at them and it was sooo annoying.
the job is as a case manager for women who are transitioning from jail to home, with substance abuse/mental health issues. i'm excited!!

Ali (a.k.a. Cynical Nymph) said...

I always wonder why people think it's okay to touch other people without explicit permission (one of the things I am not looking forward to in a 2-or-so-years-in-the-future pregnancy - although I think I'll have fun going off on the people who try to touch my belly). I sort of can't stand tattoo remarks in general, especially since they usually come from someone whose only comment is, "Why did you get THAT?" or, "What is it? A snake? Oh." or, "I'd NEVER get one," or, "Didn't that HURT?"

Ali (a.k.a. Cynical Nymph) said...

Also, WIN for becky's necrotizing fascitis line. I'm stealing it if I get touched at the pool in Vegas.

sheil said...

usually i overhear people talking about me, saying like, "i would never get that many, but i want one" or "whoa look at her arms" or stupey things like that. i cant imagine being pregnant and having people touching my STOMACH!! i would have to knock someone out!!!

Elbows said...