- about being unemployed:

  • dehydration. for some reason, at work i drank a shit ton of water. at home, not so much. wine and beer seem like much better options!
  • no schedule. i have tried to create one for myself, but i consider myself lucky if i get 2 out of 10 things done on my list everyday. malaise.
+ about being unemployed:

  • well rested!
  • spending lots of time with the doggies
  • a lot more clarity
  • more time for creative and culinary pursuits
today i am going down to the co-op to apply for their front end supervisor position. . . not too much else on the agenda. maybe some elliptical . . . i might go to target and buy an exercise ball.


Cynical Nymph said...

OMG until you get a job, can we have a project together? Can we pick one really fun recipe to cook per week, and both cook it on the same night (or at least, you do it Wednesday and I do it by Friday, etc.), and compare notes?! It would be like a book club, but with food, and far away...


sheil said...

omg that sounds sooo fun!!! let's PLEASE do this!!!!