oh memorial day weekend!!!

yesterday we went to the rattlesnake museum in oldtown and marveled at all the different types of beautiful snakes. . . they also had some amazing tortugas and i want them all!!

we had lunch at the church st. cafe, which is apparently one of the oldest buildings in albuquerque.
i got a new tattoo- it says "the only salvation is in struggle," with

some significant dates for me underneath. it's based on a russian criminal tattoo from one of the coolest books ever. i am obsessed with prison tattoos and particularly these russian criminal tattoos. they are beautiful and incredible and crass and SO full of meaning. raw art.
my tattoo artist is the tiniest girl i have ever seen, super cute and nice. when i hugged her goodbye, i felt like a mama hen enveloping her young. part of me winced inside, part of me thought that it's one extremely nice thing about being a larger lady, even if i am incredibly short. i feel PRESENT and take up some space in this world. hey, whatever it takes to get us all through these days.
then we came home and watched cloverfield, which was freakin awesome!! becky, you need to see it asap if you haven't already. it made me panic a little bit about my own mortality. certain random movies or incidents tend to do that to me. all in all, an excellent monster movie.
i have been sleeping REALLY badly lately- i think a combination of allergies, worries, and restlessness. So basically, I had one big gin and tonic and passed out immediately. woke up at 3 am to a documentary called 30 days, by morgan spurlock. it was about a straight homophobic dude living in the castro for 30 days. i don't know what the conclusion was. i think it would be optimistic bordering on crazy to think that he changed his views, but i hope so. had another sleepless night. gabe is crashed on the couch snoozing his little beagle heart out, vic and alaira are still cuddled up in bed, and i am typing away to you, wishing i could sleep. oh, and i had a cupcake.
today there is a bbq at zak and anna's. enjoy your day!
edit: 30 Days is actually a tv show where someone is immersed in a culture they are completely unfamiliar with. cool! hopefully not too exploitative! heh. . . hmm.


Becky said...

Your tattoo looks awesome! I saw Cloverfield. It's like an Urban Outfitters ad that gets what's coming to it. I thought the monster was done really well, and the chaos was captured appropriately.

Did you see the 30 Days that took a DJ and a bouncer from NYC and put them in an eco-village in Missouri? It was awesome.

sheil said...

haha no i've never seen this show before! i'm psyched to watch more episodes.

Andrea said...

i love church street... it's supposed
to be haunted. i have a friend that
works there and he swears he's seen
the ghost~ she's a girl. allegedly.

they have great queso.

happy weekend!