some personal goals

  • to pay an exorbitant amount of money to see fleetwood mac in concert, next time they tour. their last tour tickets were 150+. i HAVE to see stevie nicks whirling around during "the chain"- which also features the briefest and best bass solo ever
  • visit hello kitty land in japan. visit japan in general. ideally, live there for a year.
  • start my steelers bar which i think i mentioned in a previous post. this bar would have a jukebox of all my favorite tunes, a different theme each week (like christmas, for example), yummy food stuffs, and ME behind the bar!!
  • get an etsy store going
  • playas las tortugas
  • write not a great but a FUCKING great american novel
  • culinary or cosmetology schoool
  • make that photography exhibit that has been brewing in my head for years
  • realize that making lists, while an excellent means of organization, is often a good way to put off doing the items listed.
  • own a weiner dog

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Cynical Nymph said...

If you get a weiner dog will you please name it Mustard? Please? For me?

Also, my word verification is "gearqmhg," which I think must mean something in Martian, or possibly Welsh.