will work for lots of money

so. . . its been exactly 18 days that i have been unemployed. cracks are starting to form in my happy go lucky demeanor and possibly some chinks are forming in my armor. seeing the numbers dwindling down in the bank account is not helping matters. i keep trying to reassure myself that i'm doing about 1-2 interviews a week, applying for jobs on a daily basis. . . but why isn't anyone calling me? i'm like a scorned one night stand again, longing for more than just that initial contact.
yesterday was a really good day, however. i worked my first volunteer shift with the syringe exchange here. it's really different, because its on a van. it's very casual, very quick, and a one for one exchange. the people who work on the van are freakin awesome and made me feel very welcome. i'm looking forward to continuing with them. check YUM YUM COOKING CLUB later today for my easy bahn mi recipe!


Bobo said...

Your banh mi recipe needs some pickled deliciousness! Daikon or carrot or something. You could prob cheat with some jujed up fish sauce though!

sheil said...

i had carrots in it from the salad mix. this was just a quick recipe with the stuff i had at home. i will definitely amp it up the next time though!!!