so as of saturday, i am unemployed. i ended my rather traumatic time at planned parenthood with an incredibly rowdy, hilarious, and fun party at my co-worker's house. i danced to lily allen, ate a lot of queso, and passed out on the couch.
i told myself i would remain calm, free, and unencumbered by financial related worries until june. of course panic is starting to slightly set in, ALREADY! and i hate it. i wish i had more direction/ambition/motivation.
this weekend i also saw juno. everyone repeatedly told me how much i would love it, i think primarily based on the fact that juno and i love all the same music. but it really was a cute heartwarming little movie that i thoroughly enjoyed.
last night i had the craziest dream. alicia and i were exploring haunted places in albuquerque and one of the places was a huge hideous mansion. you walked in and heard the story of the woman who died there- who was killed by her sister's ex boyfriend. he was in some kind of military top secret project and escaped and went insane. there was a long drawn out scene of the girl laying in a pool of blood, with her arm almost hollowed out. the girlfriend happened to be my former boss. then flash to me telling vic about it and saying, shit i'm scared, i hope he doesnt come after me. cue to me looking out the window, and this man is standing there with a gun. i scream at vic to get down, and then i jerked awake. scary! i think that dream is a combination of my excitement about the strangers movie + my obsession with watching "medium."

things i want to do:
learn japanese
start a steelers bar
go to culinary school
move into a nicer place
write 30 minutes a day
join the local buddhist center
work on my photography
dream less and do more.

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