i know they're stolen but i don't feel bad

i'm having some major issues with my spacebar so if you seethis, there is areason for it. right now i'm brainstorming with my east coast girls about a cooking club. . . not much on the agenda for today. maybe a trip to the post office and mirai express for sushi. last night we went to the mall and got boba tea, played lots of mario kart, and fell asleep. i woke up around 3 to vic frantically brushing himself off because he thought there was a bug on him. i spent the next 2 hours imagining bugs on myself, huddled up in misery. today i probably will just clean more and make some cupcakes. tomorrow will be busy as hell- i have an interview for a case manager position, the dogs have a vet appt, and i have my ayurvedic consultation followup appt. i'm sure i'll have an interesting story about laira trying to take a chunk out of a chihuahua to share with you tomorrow evening.

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