ok, so. .

today i need to make a dentist appointment since i paid for dental insurance the past 8 months and NEVER used it. i'm also writing a letter to the PP board of directors to voice some of my issues with the organization. this is both scary and exciting to me, because i dont' know if it will have any impact whatsoever. but still, i feel it's neccesary. i feel so much better being out of that horribly toxic environment. basically, my manager did coke with employees, smoked pot on lunch breaks, left for hours at a time, called in whenever she wanted, and was a general total fuck up. she created this awful workplace, not that she would ever admit it, and the people who really suffer are the patients, who have to deal with a harried, stressed out staff. but enough complaining. . . it's over. every job, just like every relationship, seems to teach me more about what i can deal with, what my style is, and what i want in the end.
last night i dreamt i was picking up an exchange student named paul up at a train station. my friend and i (and alaira!) went running over to a bus full of tourists and were about to ask about him, when we saw a group of men pulling a dude out of the car in front of us. they shouted, are you paul ----? which was the name of my person, and blew up the car. some moments of tension ensued when the men asked us who were looking for, and we all proceeded to run!!
my dreams are all like popular summer action movies lately. . .. tense, exciting, and no real substance or meaning. . .

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