facebook, panic, and sneezing fits

ok. i admit it. it's really starting to get to me. yesterday in the job search, i found a new job posting for the substance abuse counseling agency i had interviewed with- for the same job. so basically, they would rather have no one than me. . . i don't think i would have wanted the job anyway, but it stings, you know? i also got a rejection letter from CNM for a job i would have been more than qualified for. i dont know what to do. . .
but in other news, i slept through the night last night, which is a huge accomplishment for me, considering that the past 2 weeks i have tossed and turned ALL FUCKING NIGHT. night is basically my personal hell now. it's interesting that my sleeping issues have gotten to this point. in high school, i had horrible tweaker insomnia, where i stayed up more nights than i actually slept. it was also an incredibly creative and artistic time for me, where i wrote, crafted, and produced more art than i have in my life. so i have a nostalgic longing for that, and also a relief that it's over. then during period of depression later in life, all i wanted to do was sleep.
now my allergies and stress and discomfort make sleeping really hard. and it's not some crazy artistic dream come true. . . it's more just a waste of my body's resources and time. but anyway. as i mentioned in a previous post, walmart has an incredible allergy section. i picked up special allergen-fighting eyedrops, a neti pot (which is fantastic and gross and makes me feel like i am drowning, but also being cleansed), nasal spray, and a variety of pills to heal me. the nasal spray seems to really be doing the trick. it burns my nose for hours, but it makes sleeping a hell of lot more happy. hopefully my passages won't collapse from overuse. . . is that even how that works, dr. bobo??
i think my slew of allergies also has a lot to do with the fact that we don't have a door on our bedroom, thanks to my wonder dog extraordinaire, alaira beara anthony. yeah, she chewed my door off. ours is a dangerous and strange love, with my possessions as chew toys and her teef as weapons of destruction to everything i hold dear- or just take for a granted. like a fucking door.
the dogs sprawl out on our bed day after day and have pretty much filled the room with their strange odors and spiky little hairs. i clean as much as i can, which is not much, and try to ignore the fact that the allergens are creating an almost corporeal being. it just needs a few more patches of fur to LIVE
another thing i've been thinking about is this spectacle called facebook. facebook makes me feel a little more crazy than usual, like crazy uncomfortable. i don't like seeing the forgotten faces of people that made me feel like shit or sad or inspired major hatred in me. i pretty much severely disliked everyone at my high school except for my little tribe of outcasts, that i still love more than life itself. however, it has been really, really nice to reconnect with some kids on there, that were cool as hell in high school and seem to be pretty cool still.
i guess it's really weird to recall that freshman and sophomore year i called certain people "friends" and talked to them on the phone regularly, etc, yet by senior year they would not even look in my direction. i probably wouldn't look in theirs either, i'm not blameless. but still, it's strange to see the lives of these people represented in their profiles, and their pictures of new friends, new homes, and new cities.
this one girl that i had a "friendship" with has been updating her mood with things like, "in mourning", "value your friendships", etc. the human, empathic part of me wants to send her an impersonal but personal message like "hang in there. death sucks and i'm sorry" but the reasonable part of myself wonders why i would ever do that in a million years, considering our friendship was brief and not anything remotely important, and she probably barely remembers who i am. .
or even weirder to see someone like *j* on facebook, who was one of my best, best friends in 8th grade, yet morphed into a strange cheerleader/snob/flirt/mindless/soulless/idiot by the end of high school, and didn't speak to me after 9th grade anyway. we are now facebook friends, and though her pictures show a fraternity house lifestyle, her pretty awesome occupation and education speak otherwise. it makes me a little relieved to know that people can hang onto some parts of themselves always, like their radical intelligence, even while being surrounded by extreme stupidity and dimwittery (no, i don't think that's a word). but what do i know about what she has been through in the past 8 years? nothing. and she knows nothing about me. but now we are "friends." i think i'm reading too much into this, too.
i see sooo many people married with children, and it freaks me out. i'm still young. . . we're all still young. . . i often think to myself that at heart, i am still the wild little punk kid who wrote all night and just dreamed of leaving, and living a crazy life. . . but i'm sure others would say otherwise, and i understand why. i have changed tremendously, in that i chose to walk away from the destructiveness that governed most of my life. i'm not an old soul in a young body- i feel old, a lot of the time, but i also pretty much just feel like my AGE now. i have made a lot of positive choices that the teenage me would never have made. so i guess what is strange to me about facebook is that i'm seeing everyone in a superficial way- an internet profile- that still reflects their own journey and changes, in the simplest ways, like in musical taste- people from st. pius x catholic high school like tom waits and leonard cohen? and anything remotely "punk" or "indie"? are they trying to trick me, so i'll comment on that and then they can laugh at me for being weird? ah, there she is. high school sheila still lurks within.

listening to "naive"-the rentals, "stay monkey"- julie ruin

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Becky said...

That's so weird! I've been doing the same thing on MySpace. It's fucking sad how many people have made having children and buying a shitty house the end all of their existence.