some thoughts for the day

ok, so is it bad to eat like 4 weight watchers ice cream bars? they are only 2 points each right?!! and damn they are good as fuck. and its not REAL ice cream. i think.
being unemployed seems to bother me more than it bothers anyone else, namely my now-breadwinner boyfriend. he doesn't mind at all, but i of course project my own anxiety onto him.
now i get why people do a turn, look over the shoulder pose in pics- its so flattering!
i love getting enough sleep.
i read more about the duggar family, after talking to ali about them- i fucking HATE them. i fear what their strange little spawn will do to the world. and why do they think it's "god's work" to have a freakin million children? wouldn't god rather you adopt all the children who have no parents or homes? more and more, i see having my own child as selfish and strange. but that's just me. plus, i would probably go all SIDS on a baby anyway.
it's the year of the cat. or according to al stewart, it is.
vic has a court date today over a traffic ticket. . wish him luck!
i'm going to look for more vintage cookbooks in the used bookstores today. . . and hopefully get caught up on my buffy comics.
tonight, we eat turkey lettuce cups.

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