still on cloud nine

after a wonderful dinner last night with my sister at the nob hill bar and grill. it specializes in swanky bar food. i got duck enchiladas in this amazing mole sauce with queso blanco, a peach chutney, and a cheddar rice patty. for dessert, we shared the chocolate bomb, which was a long plate with 3 desserts- first, a small flourless chocolate cake; second, a scoop of GUINESS ice cream with chocolate on it; third, a scoop of vanilla ice cream with jameson sauce. SO freakin amazing. i always feel very inspired after a great meal. i also had a fantastic drink there called the 108- margarita mix, coke, and gentleman jack.
i'm also intrigued by lisa's peanut butter mashed potatoes on top chef last night.
maybe i'll do some cooking today.

listening to "hawthorne"- that dog, "brendan #1"- fugazi


Elbows said...

All I can say is that those steaks on Top Chef last night had me drooling. I think it's a good thing that I had just recently eaten a steak before watching or I would have been in serious agony.

You should write something about your insomnia.

Andrea said...