thirsty girl

goal for this week: to drink as much water as i can. i have been having horrible allergies and headaches and i really, really need more water.

today i
-got my teef cleaned
-went to walmart

the "went to walmart" deserves its own little section here.

i hate walmart. however, i also don't deny the fact that it is incredibly cheap and has everything ALL in one place. so usually about two to three times a year i will venture there, and have my hatred affirmed by the total chaos of screaming children, huge lines, and general exploitation going on. in pittsburgh, susan and i would go there once a year or so and get visibly agitated as we navigated the endless aisles and families and junk. we would leave grateful for our walmart-free lives, and vow never to return, or we might kill ourselves.
vic and i went to walmart probably in february, and got some outdoor stuff there. it was a relatively painless trip, and i was almost panicked by this fact. what if walmart starts to seem ok?? what will happen to me?!
this trip started the same way. wow, all the allergy stuff is right when you walk in!! this makeup section is HUGE! there's just so much stuff. . . . and that's when i started to lose it. there is a great excitement that comes with seeing SO MUCH FREAKIN STUFF everywhere. . . and then i realize i can't find a goddamn thing, so all that excess stuff starts to close in on me and have fangs, and everything gets all crazy. i wandered around for at least 15 minutes looking for the goddamn pur filters. they were in the paint section. WHY? i also noticed a startling amount of memorial flower crosses and wreaths (like the ones at the site of an accident) throughout the store. depressing. by the time i had ravaged my bank account and checked out, i was feeling on edge and slightly homicidal.
i will remember this next time i need to buy food in bulk, or a new vacuum cleaner, or bizarre stone statues that look like frogs, a sombrero, and a cowboy boot.

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lkwals said...

I hate wal-mart too, but they sell vitamin water for $1 everyday and since that stuff is like crack I have to have it stocked at all times!!