it is a gorgeous, grey and windy day in albuquerque. i can appreciate days like this now, because i don't deal with them very often. yesterday was pretty schizo, with a hail storm one hour, bright sunshine the next. i took laira and gabe to the vet yesterday. gabe amused the other dog moms and dads in the waiting room with his incessant howling and posturing, while alaira merely frightened everyone with her raised fur and pulling. they both got shots, heartworm tests, and finally, microchipped. and my grand total was . . . $377. goddamn!! my heart certainly skipped several beats.
later i went to my ayurvedic follow up. i had a consultation about a month ago, where this really great student at the ayurvedic school took my pulse, studied my skin, asked me a million questions, and looked at my posture. so she told me i had too much water and earth- creating "mud" that could explain my lack of focus, clarity, overweight, etc. so in order to keep my kapha (water) in balance, i need to avoid certain food, try different breathing exercises, etc. i'm very intrigued and it makes a lot of sense to me. i am a huge believer in alternative medicine, if this could even be called that- ayurveda is a 5000 year old medical practice. i'm currently in a a state of vikruti- "The combination of elements that a person evolves to embody after being exposed and responding to the conditions of their life", meaning imbalance. i 100% agree. it was very interesting.
i had an interview for a case manager job for women with co-ocurring disorders. seriously, my dream population to work with right there. so i get to the interview, after driving through a hail storm, steel myself, walk in. the woman who interviewed me had apparently not seen my resume before hand, so she said, "hmmm. . . well anyone looking at this resume would think you are completely unqualified for the job." ouch. should i walk out? what now? but then she continued on, rather awkwardly, "but i believe that people's experiences and personalities matter more. so talk to me about my concerns." she then brought in the clinical director, who loved me. so we'll see what happens with that.
ended the day with the indiana jones movie and step it up and dance. step it up and dance was far superior, to be quite honest.

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